Sand To Stone


at 29 Palms Art Gallery

29 Palms Art Gallery
Week 1 - Students will learn about the origin and composition of clay by watching a demonstration of Native Americans digging clay, and by blending their own clay body to use during the workshop. The underlying theme of the workshop will be the art of the first people at the Oasis of Mara. They will then use this clay to make pinch forms, elbow and knee pots, model animal figures, coil vessels and make masks from slabs.

Week 2 - They will make a variety of clay forms that will be bisque fired, in preparation for a pit firing. They will also participate in the building of an above ground pit kiln.

Week 3 - Students will prepare their work for firing by wrapping them in paper saggers and various other combustibles. When the kiln is filled with the pots and combustibles, the fire will be lit and kiln fired for approximately 2 hours before being covered and left to cool. 24 hours after the firing, the students will return to unstack the kiln, clean off their pots, and to set up an art show in the patio.

The final evening, students invite their parents to come see the show, and celebrate their experience.

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Mail: Submit completed Camp Registration Form with payment to: 29 Palms Art Gallery 74055 Cottonwood Dr., Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

For inquiries, please contact Rhonda Lane Coleman.